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Our studio uses the latest digital technology

Intel Pentium dual core processing hub
Mackie mixing desk
Tannoy Monitors
SPL Valve Pre-amps
Lexicon, Waves effects
Neumann, Audio Technica Microphones
And a wide range of vintage analogue instrumentation and recording equipment including:
Fender, Gibson and Epiphone Guitars
Vox and Selmer Amplification
Farfisa and Vox Keyboards
Korg, Roland and Wasp Synthesizers
We employ both live and sampled instrumentation to create music that is modern and contemporary but with the warmth and feel of the traditional roots from which it is influenced.

We can source any real instrument from Sitar, Theremin, Shamisen, Balalaika, Banjo, Harp, Mandolin, Sarod, Bonang, Oud, Didgeridoo and Kora to vintage Moog, Korg, ECS, Roland, Vox, Burns, Hammond and Fender keyboards and effects units.

All our music is recorded and produced to the highest professional red book standard and can be supplied in any digital format requested.