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World Music
Please click on title to audition 30 second sample of track:
1. Japanese Theme
Traditional oriental theme with Koto and Taiko drum

2. Indian Raga
Uptempo beat with Sitar, Tamboura & Tabla

3. Elizabethan English Folk
Medieval Robin Hood tale with Lute, bagpipes and Singing Monks

4. African Theme
Upbeat piece with chants, African drums and Balaphon

5. Calypso Theme
Light, syncopated Caribbean feel with percussion and steel drums
  6. Turkish Theme
Uptempo piece with Saz and Kaval, Davul drums

7. Gamelan Theme
Indonesian music with Bonang & Saron gongs

8. Latin Jazz Theme
Cool latin samba rhythm with harmony vocals and guitar

9. Native American
Tribal rhythms with chanting and drums

10. Eastern Theme
Atmospheric, hypnotic piece with Udu and flute