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Retro Themes
Please click on title to audition 30 second sample of track:
1. Wavelength
Upbeat, groovy, pop-art movie a go-go theme with '60s Vox organ

2. Groovy theme
groovy Hammond organ theme with brass & Synthesizer

3. Hall of Mirrors
Cool, jazzy, beat vibe with double bass & plucked piano strings

4. The Captivators
Slow, sultry continental feel with sensual harmony vocals

5. Temptations of Darla Volante
Light, Uptempo harmony vocals with European flavour
  6. The Icedance
Cool, bass harpsichords with vibes and organ

7. Groovy theme 2
Driving groovy Hammond organ with harpsichord

8. Secret Agent Theme
He's not square he's always there and he's got a cool theme to go with it

9. On The Run
Fast action sequence with snare drum, bass and strings

10. Dancing in the Footsteps of Danger
Atmospheric downtempo piano motif with santur and string