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Guitar Themes
Please click on title to audition 30 second sample of track:
1. Colombia
Uptempo guitar, bass and drums theme with uplifting guitar riffs

2. In Limbo-A-Go-Go
Driving fuzz bass and guitar riffs with FX

3. The Mustang Chill
Staccato guitar underpins big twangy guitar melody

4. Beneath the Shimmering Stars
Atmospheric slide guitar with piano motif

5. In The Cold Light Of Day
Epic twangy guitar theme with haunting piano and spaghetti western feel
  6. Mantrap
Fast, dynamic, action theme with twangy guitar, brass and sitar

7.Voodoo Ray
'50s big beat rhythm with space guitar and experimental sci-fi sounds

8. Condition Red
Atmospheric, blues acoustic slide guitar a la Ry Cooder

9. Kisses Are Like Tears
Driving, hypnotic fuzz bass with vibes, organ and spoken female vocal

10. Suspended in Solarville
Driving bass and guitar with organs and FX