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Electronic and Contemporary
Please click on title to audition 30 second sample of track:
1. Synth Theme 1
Driving synth groove with fuzz bass and FX

2. 30 Seconds To Kill
Hypnotic electric piano riff with celeste and synths

3. Lost In The Hands Of Time
Dramatic theme with synthesizer, piano and celeste

4. Tunnelvision
Dark, edgy synthesizer theme with '70s feel & atmospheric FX

5. 20th Century Homicide
Tense, nervous synthesizer theme with thriller emergency feel
  6. Synth Theme 2
Modern uptempo dance theme with synths and FX

7. Glitterbox
Pulsating electronic theme with ethereal melodies

8. Floating on Air
Driving melodic electric piano motif piece

9. Utopia
Atmospheric pulsing bass line with melodic effects

10. Subterfuge in the City of Angels
Tense, modern thriller chase theme with synthesizers