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Read what our clients have said, and listen to the music...

“Anthony is both a very talented composer and a gifted mind-reader, and I have total faith in his ability to come up with perfect original themes, songs, stings and incidental music not only brilliantly but very quickly. He is creatively fearless, totally professional, and a very nice man. Honestly, if he weren't already spoken for, I would certainly consider marrying him.” Listen
Lynne Truss, Writer 'Inspector Steine' series'.

“Working with Anthony is always really pleasurable, not only because of his creativity which in itself would be enough, but also his professionalism and commitment ensure that however impossible the deadline he will deliver without ever compromising on the quality of the work. Vibrant, atmospheric and playful; listen to all series of Inspector Steine and you’ll understand why the programmes wouldn’t be the same without his input.” Listen
Karen Rose, Producer Sweet Talk Productions.

“For Lynne Truss’s play Bora Bora Anthony was asked to help conjure up a Greek island, some painful memories, and to match Lynne’s imaginative acoustic world, which also embraced a period orchestration for a 1950s horror film trailer. In the brief time available, he contributed exactly the musical contributions which fulfilled the text’s ambitions and gave the play a distinctive sound.” Listen
Ned Chaillet, Producer Chris Wallis Productions.

“Anthony immediately set out to understand my medium and client demographic. He targeted my flakey ideas and music choices and responded with creativity, professionalism and a quality product, But more than that, he delivered various versions of the music that allowed me the flexibility to manipulate the music further, increasing the usage and longevity of the compositions.” Listen
Sean Russell, SR Camera.