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A collection of modern instrumental themes influenced by traditional sources.

All music was performed and recorded with live musicians using vintage instrumentation to create musical themes that are contemporary but with the warmth and feel of the traditional roots from which they are influenced. The musical instrumentation used on these recordings includes brushed drums, double bass, electric and acoustic guitars, brass, percussion instrumets and vintage synthesizers and keyboards.
1 The Captivators
Slow, sultry continental feel with sensual harmony vocals
2 Wavelength
Upbeat, groovy, pop-art movie a go-go theme with '60s vox organ
3 Hall Of Mirrors
Cool, jazzy, beat vibe with double bass & plucked piano strings
4 Tunnelvision
Dark, edgy synthesizer theme with '70s feel and atmospheric fx
5 The Temptations Of Darla Volante
Light, uptempo harmony vocals with european flavour
6 Mantrap
Fast, dynamic, action theme with twangy guitar, brass & sitar
  7 Voodoo-Ray
'50s big beat rhythm with space guitar and experimental sci-fi sounds
8 20th Century Homicide
Tense, nervous synthesizer theme with thriller/emergency feel
9 Madame Guillotine
Jazzy, melodic harmony vocal theme with strange middle section
10 In The Cold Light Of Day
Epic twangy guitar theme with haunting piano & spaghetti western feel
11 Kisses Are Like Tears
Driving, hypnotic fuzz bass with vibes, organ and spoken female vocal